Pre Drywall Frame Inspections

When having a new home built, you think "Great, a brand new home, no problems or repairs.", but that's not always the case. There are many causes for construction defects that can affect the cosmetic quality, safety, and structural integrity, both short term and long. Under- qualified labor is most often blamed, but sometimes it is poor design or planning by the builder. Lack of supplies or improper sequence of events can cause problems. Installers may not be familiar with new products on the market.  Different trades may damage the others work.  Onsite supervision may be unexperienced  or overworked.  Having a professional Home inspection performed by a third party at various key times during the construction of your home can ensure you are getting the best possible home construction and minimize customer service issues after you move in.

Prior to the pouring of concrete, we can inspect items such as

  • Proper steel reinforcement and isolation of steel from soil.
  • Proper  installation  of post tension cables .
  • Proper installation and support of plumbing.
  • Grounding electrodes

Prior to installing insulation and drywall, at the most critical time, we can inspect items such as: 

  • Framing and truss installation.
  • Stucco lath, wall flashings, and moisture barriers.
  • Roof flashing and underlayment.
  • Electrical wiring.
  • Plumbing.
  • Ductwork.
  • Installation of firestop and draft stop where needed. 
  • Windows and doors.
  • Insulation in concealed areas such as behind tub enclosures. 
  • Subfloors for squeaks and unevenness.


Once these defects are covered, they are difficult to detect and even harder to repair, and may have unwanted effects on your home.  Things as drastic as settling, excessive cracking, leaks and mold, or even fire can be reduced or eliminated.
A detailed report with photos will be provided so your builder can make the necessary corrections to make your home as good as new should be.

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