Maricopa Mold Inspection and Testing and other Environmental Services

Mold Inspection Fees start at $225

Our Mold Inspection services can be utilized for a variety of reasons

  • Property purchase: inspect and/or test for mold.
  • Water damage: Inspect and document extent of moisture and test for mold
  • Do you see mold? We can test to confirm or deny and determine the source
  • Smell mold but can not see? We can inspect for visible signs and unusual moisture and test for hidden mold in the air.
  • Health concerns that may be related to time spent at home? We can inspect and test.
  • Post remediation: We provide 3rd party testing to ensure the work is complete. Best done before drywall is put back.
  • Stuck in a lease and living with mold: We can test and document to help you get results.

Upon arrival, we will discuss your needs and what you want to achieve by the investigation, and then determine what it will take to get satisfactory results. Depending on the needs, 3 to 4, or even more samples may be needed from different areas of the home, or before and after HVAC systems are run. The more data we collect, the more usable information we can give you. Samples may be air sample, tape lift, surface swab, or carpet dust.   Our services are priced to fit your needs and budget.


The initial fee to investigate for mold is $225 and may include one sample taken for lab testing, if needed. Many time multiple samples are needed and additional samples are billed at $85 each. We don’t want to charge you for more samples than needed, but we don’t want to take less than needed to give conclusive results. You will be provided with a detailed report describing the findings of the investigation, along with interpretation of the lab results.

Air testing is not a guaranteed method of testing for hidden mold, but is the best method to determine the possibility of an active mold problem, if done correctly by a qualified individual.


Mold are a naturally occurring part of our environment. They play an important role in the outdoor environment by breaking down dead organic matter and keeping the environment healthy and productive.

In indoor environments the presence of mold may cause unhealthy conditions for inhabitants and lead to decay and destruction of building materials.  Mold may start growing and spreading within 24-48 hours of water damage occurring!!

There are thousands of types of mold in our natural environment and none will grow without moisture.  Mold reproduces by creating spores that become airborne and can enter out bodies through inhalation or ingestion.  Some mold may  create toxins that also become airborne.

Spores and mycotoxins have been known to cause numerous conditions in the body such as Allergic rhinitis, fungal infections (skin and lungs), asthma, Hypersensitivity pneumonitis, Bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, Organic dust toxic syndrome, Pulmonary hemorrhage in infants. Many common symptoms such as eye irritation, runny nose, sore throat, and fatigue are often overlooked.

Other environmental testing services provided by Wright Inspections include

  • Radon testing with two canisters  $150
  • Lead paint testing, swab test  $20 per test
  • Asbestos material testing     $105
  • Asbestos air TEM testing      $175
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People live with this growing in their home!

Maricopa mold testing

When toilets leak, Mold may grow under flooring!

Maricopa MOLD test

petri dish mold kits don't give you any real information.

mold testing in Maricopa

Leaking AC can cause mold in attic

Maricopa mold inspector

Improper repairs after a flood can lead to hidden mold.

Maricopa Mold Inspector