Thermal imaging cameras are always available for use at all inspections.

Thermal imaging cameras, also known as infra-red, are utilized in all inspections we perform.  We use a high quality Fluke camera (not a cheap Iphone gadget.) It is not X-ray vision. It does not find mold. It simply gives us a picture  of a wall or ceiling based on the thermal energy emitted (temperature). With proper training, home construction knowledge, and of course experience, we can interpret the picture to determine if we are looking at hidden ductwork, pipes or freon lines, missing insulation, or hidden moisture.  Any suspected moisture is verified with a moisture meter and from there we track it to the source.
Overheating electrical components can be found if the systems are in use.
Leaking or poorly insulated ductwork can be found and the picture give you a real look at the energy loss
The temperature output of HVAC systems is checked and recorded with thermal imaging
We don't charge extra to use this tool, we just provide better service and a more thorough Home inspection.


Maricopa thermal-imaging
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Thermal images can be very useful to find deficiencies or show the effects of some deficiencies

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Maricopa home inspection